Earth Majesty is the work of Bay Area artist, Eva Miranda

I have been making jewelry for twenty years, working with a variety of mediums, including textiles, shells, gemstones and brass. Cowrie shells are my favorite! They represent the divine feminine, communication with spirits, and abundance, all themes that I love to embody and explore in my work. I am intentional about invoking certain energies in my pieces and this is how I weave spirit into the designs.

I am a San Francisco native, daughter of South and Central American, and Greek parents. My cultural identity, as well as my extensive travels in the Caribbean and Africa, greatly shape my artistic expression. Elements of the earth, particularly the ocean, are deep sources of inspiration.

Earth Majesty has been featured in events internationally in Greece and St. Lucia, as well as numerous local shows and festivals. You can also find my work at select Bay Area retailers (check the Stockists page for current locations).  

Jewelry has been valued from ancient times and across all cultures as divine adornment. My intention is for my pieces to honor sacred connection and enhance the wearers’ experience of spirit and beauty. 

Be Blessed!


These symbols are sacred to indigenous cultures, and some are found in many parts of the world. They have been used to invoke the following energies/properties:

Cowrie shell:
Found in many waters of the world, they represent abundance, creativity and fertility and have been used for adornment, currency and divination. They are considered the mouth of the Gods, and tools for communicating with spirit.

Evil Eye:
A talisman known throughout most of the world to provide spiritual protection against envy and bad energy. Some say it originally comes from the area of Turkey and Greece, but can be seen in art, architecture, jewelry and design throughout the world. It is worn on the body as a talisman, or placed in and around the home.

Hand of Fatima/Hamsa Hand:
This is a protective talisman found in Islam, Christianity and Judaism. It symbolizes our personal power to protect ourselves from spiritual, emotional, and physical harm.

Kemetic/Egyptian symbol, meaning key to life. It is found on many Ancient Egyptian temples and is the precursor to the symbol we now use for “woman”. 

By continuing to adorn ourselves with these symbols, we honor ancient roots, connect with spirit and, celebrate our beauty!