“The sacred symbolism and artistry that Earth Majesty amplifies, supports my highest self and gives power to the divine feminine. When I wear her jewelry, which is most days, I always receive compliments and that tells me her message of empowerment is strong. Thank you Earth Majesty for offering your intent-filled craft.” – Christina P.

“Each and every time that I put on one of my Earth Majesty earrings I feel beautiful, magical and filled with love. Earth Majesty’s adornments are truly a work of art and one of a kind.” – Adriana H.

“Eva/Earth Majesty is my go-to for jewelry. All of her pieces are divinely made and make you feel like the goddess warrior you are. Every time I go to the beach I feel called to wear one of the cowrie shell necklaces she’s made me so I can communicate with the ocean better. There is so much love and intention in each piece of jewelry.” – Mary R.

“Beautifully handmade pieces. Thank you goddess for your creations.” – Linda C.

“Super beautiful, unique and beautifully crafted! They are head turners that I always get approached about!” – Poodie B.

“I am intentional with the adornments I wear and Earth Majesty pieces are like wearing blessings. Every time I wear her earrings I get lots of compliments wherever I am in the world. I can feel the love, light and care put into the pieces when I put them on. They bring out my own light when I wear them. Thank you Earth Majesty!” – Sham-e-Ali N.

“Thank you for adorning me, Earth Majesty, and making me look good on stage, in class, and on the street! As a dancer and performer, I love adornments, and need earrings and jewelry that are both beautiful, and well-crafted. Earth Majesty considers every detail as she makes her earrings, from the shape of the face to the weight of the earring to the era/style/culture she is reflecting… The intention behind each creation is evident in the material she uses, how I feel when I wear them, and the amount of compliments I receive on them. Of all my jewelry, my favorite daily adornments are made by Earth Majesty.” – Mela A.